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Just.On is a complete app to manage your contracts and subscriptions allowing you to automate your organization's recurring billing processes.

Just.On integrates seamlessly with the Salesforce CRM environment. Its user interface provides the same look and feel you already know from Salesforce. It also helps you to prevent duplication of efforts by leveraging your existing account data when automatically generating your invoices.

With Just.On you can:

  • manually create invoices and invoice line items
  • generate invoices via API
  • set up subscriptions to manage all relevant contract information with its buyer, address, product, and pricing information needed for creating automatic invoices
  • automatically generate all your invoices with a push of a button at the end of your billing periods
  • set up templates for styling invoices
  • render invoices as pdf documents for printing
  • distribute invoices to recipients, e.g. by sending invoices by email
  • import your customer's raw transaction data in order to bill them based on your contracts, e.g. time sheets, usage data, orders etc.

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